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This is our story.

The beauty industry is a slippery slope, isn’t it? There are so many skin and cosmetic product lines out there that claim to be “all natural” or “cruelty-free.” But at the end of the day, it’s hard to believe their authenticity, especially when you turn over a tube of lip gloss and see all of the impossible-to-pronounce ingredients that went into something so small!

There’s no doubt about it: when it comes to obtaining beauty and skincare products, there is nothing more important than quality ingredients. After all, they’re going on your face and preserving your skin, and its youthful features are the key to looking and feeling great.  This confidence and professional genuineness are exactly what we at Bea strive to give you.

Bea Skincare and Cosmetics™ was established in 2013 by our founder, Liz Bardelas. Liz had a very specific and unique mission in mind: to develop a brand of skincare and cosmetics for sensitive skin using edible extracts and natural ingredients.

This desire was born from her personal concern for having safe and healthy products in her own home. She was also interested in the science behind it, and so she got right to work gathering evidence to back up her vitamin-packed skincare and cosmetic products. The end goal was to create these products from notable, beneficial superfoods that anyone can buy (and pronounce!). These included foods like coffee, papaya, kiwi, and avocado.

Later, Bea took it beyond superfoods and added the use of marine algae and plant stem cells.  Our ongoing mission is to create innovative and cruelty-free skincare and cosmetic product lines which blend science and the healing benefits of natural ingredients.  The ultimate goal of Bea skincare and cosmetic products is to enable the skin to achieve a flawless look while improving its condition with natural enhancers and ingredients. Our products are all created in two FDA approved facilities in New York and we are proud to have earned the label of the Safe Cosmetics Business Network. The Bea line is available in surgery and dermatology offices, as well as on

Thank you in advance for supporting American-made products. We would love to help you give your skin and face that extra “something” today with our natural beauty and skincare products, so why wait? Order today to obtain happier skin and a higher quality of beauty products!

Anti-Aging. Vitamin & Botanical-Based. Paraben-Free 
Made in New York
A Global Brand. A Mother & Son Start-up Story
[Statement on Animal Testing: All our products comply with the EU Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC and the UK Cosmetic Product Safety Regulations. None of our products is tested on animals]